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How to create your own randomly generated sentences and titles

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There are probably lots of ways to do this, but here is my story. First, I gather the wordlists I want to use.

First step: choose your wordlists. I picked these:

Next, visit the Text Mechanic.

  • You can use it free five times a day, so be careful if you don’t want to subscribe. I like this page and use it often, so I pay something like $5/mo to use it as often as I want. It’s worth it to me. 

Remove line numbers

  • Remove line numbers here.  Copy and paste the wordlist, then note there are two columns. Enter “period space” as the delimiter (see screenshot below). So that is all I did, then click extract column.
  • Your results will be on the bottom right.
  • You could go through and remove the numbers one by one, but I’m lazy so I won’t do that.

Merge the Lists

  • Visit (link) to merge the lists.
    • Here is another page that will do the same thing. There are other pages too, you just have to search for them.
  • Merge Tips: Be sure to put in a space in the delimiter box, make sure there are the same amount of words in each column, clear the instructions and hit merge. You can use more than two lists, and you can also add text in the delimiter box, just be sure to put a space on each side of it.

Blog post graphics

  • I use Adobe Spark Post to generate my graphics, using creative commons images.

Check out the funny results here:

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